Emergency Procedures

Unexpected Closing

In the event of an unexpected closing during school hours, the director will attempt to contact all parents.  The director will remain with any children whose parents are unable to pick up their children.


In the event of an evacuation, the first responsibility of staff is to move the children to a designated safe area or alternate shelter.  The staff will bring with them that day’s sign-in attendance sheets to ensure that all children in our care are evacuated.  Staff will also take emergency forms to ensure that we have parents’ contact information and authorizations for emergency care for each child.


If we are required to move the children from the Covenant UMC Preschool premises, the staff will transport them in their personal vehicles to Milwood Baptist Church, located at 12217 Cassady Dr., Austin, TX 78727. In the event that Millwood Baptist is closed, we will evacuate to Davis Elementary School down the street at 5214 Duval Road.

It is critically important that you provide the school with up-to-date emergency contacts and phone numbers in case we need them in an emergency. Another important part of our communication is through e-mail, so please make sure that we at Covenant UMC Preschool have your current e-mail address at all times.

For more information about emergency procedures, please see the Parent Handbook, which can be found in the Resources section on this website.



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