At Covenant UMC Preschool, we believe that children learn best through play.

The teachers organize their classrooms into a variety of learning centers, and they strategically provide materials to meet the needs of children at different ability levels.  Children working alone during center time can develop new skills and learn independently.  When they work with friends, they develop skills in language and cooperation.

Play and Everyday Classroom Routines teach!


Blocks and Manipulatives

Children learn to design, plan, count, organize, match, sort, and problem-solve. They learn about numbers, shapes, and sizes.


Dramatic Play

Children role play to construct an understanding of their world.  They develop social skills as they interact with others, and they develop nurturing skills when they play with dolls.



Children can be creative and express themselves.  They develop their small muscles and hand-eye coordination.  They learn the properties of different art materials.


Sensory Table

Children learn about the properties of things and how they change when manipulated. They use fine motor skills to pour, sift, scoop, and dig. They measure, count, and compare. When working with friends they develop language skills. Playing with sand and water is calming.



Children learn about words, concepts, and ideas. They develop language, pre-reading, and reading skills.



Children practice letters and writing skills which prepare them for school.  They can “write” messages to their family and friends and develop communications skills.  Learners develop fine motor skills through using writing tools.

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