Parents may pay the yearly tuition at the beginning of the year or follow the Preschool payment plan and divide the payments over 9 months. A deposit of one month’s tuition is due upon registration. This tuition deposit will be applied to May 2023 tuition. Tuition payments will begin in September.

Tuition varies by the class age and days per week that a child attends CUMC Preschool.

ClassMonthly TuitionYearly Tuition
MW 1’s$265$2385
TTh 1’s$280$2520
MW 2’s $265$2385
TTh 2’s $280$2520
3-day 3’s (M W Th)$350$3150
4-day 3’s (M T W Th)$405$3645
4-day Pre-K (M T W Th)$405$3645
2022-2023 Tuition and Payment Schedule
4-day 3’s $100
4-day Pre-k$120
2022-2023 Supply Fees Split into two payments — September and January
First Child$125
Each Additional Child$70
Registration Fee
preschool is a ministry of the church