Tuition payments begin in September. A deposit of one month’s tuition will be collected at registration.  This deposit will be applied to the May 2018 tuition.

Tuition varies by the class age and days per week that a child attends Covenant UMC Preschool.

2017-18 Tuition Rates

M/W Ones    $230/mo

Tu/Th Ones  $235/mo

M/W Twos   $230/mo

Tu/Th Twos  $235/mo

2-day Threes  (Tu/Th) $235/mo

3-day Threes  (M/Tu/W or M/W/Th) $310/mo

4-day  Pre-K   (M/Tu/W/Th) $365/mo

2017-2018 Snack and Supply Fees (due in September)

All 2-day Classes: $60

3-day Threes: $70

4-day Pre-K: $90

2017-2018 Registration Fee (due upon enrollment)

$115 for first child; $60 for each additional child