Parents have opportunities to support the preschool in formal and informal ways.

Participation on the Administrative Council requires a two-year commitment and all the duties associated with the position to which a parent is elected.  Every parent, whether on the council or not, is welcome to attend the monthly council meetings.  The meeting minutes are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway so parents may stay up-to-date with the council that way as well.

Another way to support the school is through periodic fundraisers.  The preschool may conduct no more than four fundraisers each year.  The fundraisers will be determined by the Administrative Council and occur at reasonable time intervals throughout the school year.  Each fundraiser will reflect the preschool’s philosophy, “to support parents and their children in an educational way which is related to the program.”

Additionally, there may be one-time opportunities to help.  For example, the playground equipment occasionally requires maintenance.  Parents who can watch teachers’ children during monthly staff meetings are encouraged to do so.  Also, each class needs a room parent to work with the teacher to help with class parties or other events.

Emergency Procedures


preschool is a ministry of the church